The Story Of Zar

A promise to create bangles that make your world glitter in gold. A vow to make each day a perfect story you will remember forever.

The company was founded under the brand name ‘Girdharlal & Bros’ which focused on manufacturing handcrafted bangles.

The next generation of the family has taken over the business and have introduced a spark of freshness and boldness in the new creations.

The brand prides itself on the superior finish it provides to each piece of jewelry.

Zar gets its name from the Sanskrit word that means treasure. It denotes the untainted gold which sprawls across positivity and lightens up the path for eternity. Zar has a long legacy to create magnetic beauty and a dream to build a magic land of gold ornaments. The beginning of this journey rewinds to the year 1950 with Gurmukhdas Takhtani’s vision to create ageless exquisiteness of gold.

We pay a tribute to the fineness of the metal by putting layers of elegance and detailing to bring out the most mesmerizing designs. Along with quintessential bangles, Zar also excels in creating karas and bracelets. Witness the majestic history of our royalty unfold in front of your eyes. The supreme collection is made alive straight from the pages of antiquity. The brand prides itself in the superior finish we provide to each piece of jewelry. The number of quality checks every ornament goes through makes sure the excellence in quality is always high.

Zar has always been ahead of its time when it comes to having an esteemed customer base. In addition, it is this trust, bestowed upon us, that drives us each day to deliver on our promise of manufacturing best-in-class products.

Premium Gold Bangle Manufacturer in India


Story of evolution, glitter and gold - Zar has been on a magnificent journey since its inception. Experience the goodness of gold through the eyes of Zar


Gurmukhdas Takhtani began manufacturing handcrafted bangles.

200 sq. feet factory with 8 employees.


Gurmukhdas Takhtani’s four sons took over the reins of the company and introduced machine made bangles. The company was christened “Girdharlal & Bros”

800 sq. feet factory with 25 employees.


The baton was passed to the third generation of the family. The business was renamed ‘R. G. Bangle Pvt Ltd’. Computerised Numerical Controlled (CNC) machines were flown down from Europe and introduced in the business, taking machine made bangles to a whole new level.

1500 sq. feet factory with 70 employees.


This was the year the company introduced the brand name ‘Zar’.

3000 sq. feet factory with 90 employees.


The company expanded its production capacity by 10x, by moving into a state of the art manufacturing facility. Today, the journey continues with increasing customer base and our desire to create the best gold bangles in the industry.

12000 sq. feet factory with 120 employees.


The company further expanded its production capacity in India and increased its manufacturing set-up size to 17,000 sq ft. Our employee strength grew from 120 employees to 400.

A team of professionals joined our mission and a put corporate structure in place


The company set-up a brand new state of the art manufacturing facility in Dubai to cater to the Middle East market as well as export our products all over the world

Our Values

Zar has certain core values which has helped the brand reach new heights over years.


To add value to the lives of every customer that Zar is associated with.


To be the world’s premier gold bangle manufacturer.


Customer satisfaction and nurturing relationships are our topmost priority. We focus on producing high-quality products which are the reason why we are able to maintain world class standard. Reinvention is our third value which challenges us to perform better in terms of ideas and products.